Calling All Captains

Originating from the outskirts of Edmonton, Alberta, Calling All Captains is a dynamic pop punk/post hardcore band that comprises Luc Gauthier on vocals, Brad Bremner on guitar and vocals, Connor Dawkins on guitar and vocals, and Tim Wilson on drums. Together, they have embarked on an exciting musical journey, earning a reputation for their electrifying performances and heartfelt song writing.

The band’s newest release “Unlike Me,” dropped on June 7th, 2023, via New Damage Records. With a daunting yet upbeat musical score, the song showcases Calling All Captains’ ability to tap into the raw emotions of their listeners. Addressing the universal experience of feeling inadequate while growing up and comparing oneself to others, “Unlike Me” offers a relatable narrative that resonates deeply.

“Unlike Me” follows the success of their acclaimed EP, “Nothing Grows Here,” which has amassed over 5 million streams on Spotify, solidifying its place as a fan favorite release. Songs like “Chasing Ghosts" received widespread recognition, consistent editorial playlisting and propelled the EP to great heights. Calling All Captains also achieved significant success with their full length album, “Slowly Getting Better”, which garnered critical acclaim up on its release. The album showcased the band’s maturity and their ability to craft captivating pop punk anthems with introspective lyrics. Tracks like “Tailspin” resonated deeply with listeners and helped propel the album to new heights.

Known for their high energy live performances, Calling All Captains has captivated audiences with their electrifying stage presence and infectious enthusiasm. They have shared stages with renowned acts and performed at notable festivals, earning a growing fanbase and expanding their reach.

Luc Gauthier, the band’s vocalist, offers personal insight into the song’s themes, stating, “Our new single addresses the overwhelming thoughts of feeling inadequate in the eyes of others. It’s all too easy to compare ourselves to those around us and yearn to be someone different. However, this destructive path leads us to fixate on the negative aspects of our lives, adversely affecting our self image and ability to love ourselves. As someone who has personally grappled with these struggles, I hope that anyone listening can find solace in knowing they are not alone.”

With their captivating sound, poignant lyrics, and a growing discography that includes the standout EP “Nothing Grows Here,” surpassing 5 million streams on Spotify, as well as the critically acclaimed full length album “Slowly Getting Better,” Calling All Captains continues to make waves in the pop punk/post hardcore scene. Stay tuned for their upcoming releases as they push boundaries and connect with audiences on a deeply emotional level.