Dopethrone is a three piece band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Active since 2008, this DIY band is known for their abrasive mix of sludge and doom with lyrics based in the self destruction, cannabis, sleazy drug abuse, and the macabre. Influenced by rock n roll, punk, black metal, and blues, the band refers to their music as “Slutch”, the Canadian term for cold sludge, a.k.a. dirty mud snow.  They once described it as “frozen sludge, snow covered in addiction, blood, tears, and broken dreams”.

After their second release, the band started drawing some attention to them and were invited by Voivod to perform at Roadburn 2012.  They since haven’t stopped growing their audience in Europe, their adoptive land.

Since their formation, Dopethrone has release five full length studio albums to date, joined some collaborations with other artists, and have regularly toured Europe and Canada.

After a series of massive tours in 2019, the band has not hit the road since, and focused on the ‘delicate’ baking of their new release.  The new effort, to be out early 2024, will come with North American tours, and even a return to Europe for select dates.