Dearly Beloved

The erosion of the immigrant dream. The genius of Stanley Kubrick. The entrenched evil of the global banking establishment. Suspicious mountains and high-desert military bases. Sinister Ukrainian crime bosses and the irradiated ruins of Chernobyl. The Dublin Occult Grid. Nazi human experiments. Robert Bigelow. A baby sparrow named Bruce Lee. A professional pachinko player from Tokyo named Al who communicates only in catchphrases culled from Al Pacino films. Scott Walker, Suicide and P.J. Harvey. Unfamiliar mania.

With 26 countries under their belt, Dearly Beloved is set to unleash their sixth studio album, Times Square Discount. Recorded at Foo Fighters’ Studio 606, the desert-rock epicentre that is Rancho de la Luna in Joshua Tree and the band’s own Phoebe St in Toronto, TSD is a ferocious ten song adventure that takes some unexpected turns in search of silver linings.