Dearly Beloved

A sweaty, noisy mix of rock n’ roll, hardcore, punk, prog, psych, and sludge influences, Dearly Beloved lives to make records and tour. The band has racked up an impressive resumé as road dogs, supporting artists like Sebadoh, Swervedriver, Tommy Stinson, Juliette Lewis and the Licks, Dark Horses and Sloan on national tours of Canada, the US and the UK, and collaborating with with riff wizards like Dave Catching (Queens of the Stone Age), Chris Goss (Masters of Reality), Patrick Pentland (Sloan), Dave Elitch (The Mars Volta), Dimitri Coates (OFF!, Burning Brides), and Care Failure (Die Mannequin). With extensive global tour dates proposed to support the new album, Dearly Beloved’s rock-solid rep is sure to stand tall in the spotlight with the release of Walker Park.

The band’s ass-shaking, fist-pumping, skull-rattling skronk - so marrow-deep that even global cataclysm could not root it out - is informed by a collective pedigree in various indie rock outfits and years spent ploughing through tour dates around the planet. Since focusing its touring energy outside of Canada a decade ago, DB has become that band that has made seven albums in 15 years and toured 28 countries